Fisher-Price Imaginext Alpha Explorer – Help kids develop their imaginative thinking

You want to develop your kids imaginative thinking? Give them Fisher-Price Imaginext Alpha Explorer [SOURCE], a colorful and fun toy designed for young outer space explorers for that out of this world fun and adventure they are looking for every time.

Fisher-Price Imaginext Alpha Explorer

Imaginext Alpha Explorer

Fisher-Price Imaginext Alpha Explorer is packed with cool features where kids can control every action such as opening and releasing space shuttles, pressing button in order to hear different sound effects and phrases, activating, firing and blasting off enemies thru its included laser and lifting lever to take space figures right into the space shuttle and more.

Fisher-Price Imaginext Alpha Explorer 2

With Fisher-Price Imaginext Alpha Explorer, kids can make cool action happens such as capturing and trapping aliens and putting them into the spinning ring jail while its easy to use and movable launcher will definitely make an extra fun and activity for kids, just don’t forget to let them explore their imaginative thinking though.

The Alpha Explorer already comes with space station, figure, shuttle with 2 projectiles and a detachable projectile launcher. Let your kids start pressing those buttons now and watch them become part of the outer space world of adventure.

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Check the rest of the features [HERE].

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