Excellerations Wooden Deluxe Dollhouse – comes with 28 different pieces of furniture

Looking for a perfect dollhouse for your kids? Give them this spacious Excellerations Wooden Deluxe Dollhouse, a uniquely designed dream house for kids ages 3 years old and above who wants to have a complete dollhouse for some dramatic play with their friends right at their very own playground.

Perfect for adding some creative role playing game, this wooden dollhouse is just perfect simply because it is equipped with different furniture and different room design that even kids can customize to add more fun and excitement.

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Excellerations Wooden Deluxe Dollhouse

Excellerations Wooden Deluxe Dollhouse

This dollhouse is just great addition for your kids existing collection of fun toys because it teaches them not just to have some fun time but also to have some redesigning and lay outing different positions of room furniture.

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Excellerations Wooden Deluxe Dollhouse 1

Made with rubber wood, the Excellerations Wooden Deluxe Dollhouse is very sturdy so kids can enjoy it not just hours of fun play but years of creative role play at home with their friends and family.

You can buy the wooden dollhouse for $159.95 reduced price.

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