Crawl and Climb Caterpillar – The best crawling and climbing kids playground

Crawl and Climb Caterpillar

Crawl and Climb Caterpillar

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Crawl and Climb Caterpillar is great if you want to have your kids very own kids playground right at their very own backyard simply because it already comes with 4 different sections where you can easily configure according to your kids play tastes.

This Crawl and Climb Caterpillar will give your kids 3 and above some climbing on, over and in and around this colorful caterpillar and because this crawl and climb playground is made of heavy duty plastic materials, assembling it and giving your kids hours of fun time all year round will not be a problem.

This kids playground set has a 20″ tunnel opening and comes in different colors. Measures 7 feet long with no tools needed for assembly.

-$342.40 at amazon

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