Climb and Discover Cave – kids will have fun climbing and discovering cave’s hidden wonders

This is the heavy duty playground structure that your kids will surely enjoy having an active play, develop their skills both the listening and social skills and even following directions.

Thanks to the playground set’s climbing and discovering features packed into one single and uniquely designed playground environment, kids will enjoy climbing on top and at the same time discovering what’s hidden underneath the cave is now possible at home.

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Climb and Discover Cave

Climb and Discover Cave

This climb and discover cave playground set is unique because it has a colorful climbing handles to entice young explorer to climb and see what’s on top of the world and because the set also comes with some hidden gems like different wildlife, footprints, insects and even foliage that are molded into the cave’s surface, keeping the children busy digging treasure underneath will become so interesting and fun every time.

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Climb and Discover Cave 1

The climb and discover cave comes with different options when it comes to mounting them on different types of surfaces, simply select what’s best for your setup and you’re good to go and best of all, it only measures 86x104x40 inches in width, length and height respectively.

You can buy the playground structure for only $5,669.11 with free shipping.

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