The Children’s Racing Simulator – Complete with reactive motion, buttons, levers, knobs, lights, and sound

The Children’s Racing Simulator [SOURCE] is perfect for kids who want to play an immersive driving experience complete with working motion, levers, buttons and a lot more.

The Children's Racing Simulator

The Children’s Racing Simulator

This racing simulator for kids offers an adjustable seat positions perfect for accommodating kids ages 2 years old and above.

This driving simulator will place a wannabe drivers right at the steering wheel that is packed with integrated color display, simply press the start button to start the engine via its built-in speakers.

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The racing simulator’s animated car display will keep young drivers turning the wheels from left to right as they watch the color display simulate the driving experience straight from the racecourse. You want to notify the pedestrians that you are coming? No problem, simply press the horn and siren button and their off the street while the other buttons will allow drivers to play some cool music like ring the phone, accelerate or add some braking sound.

The Children’s Racing Simulator requires atleast 3 double-a batteries, measures 28x7x16 inches and weighs only at 7+ lbs.

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