The Motorized Ferris Wheel Construction Set – Your kids 23 inches tall battery powered ferris wheel

The Motorized Ferris Wheel Construction Set

You want to give your kids a nice and colorful construction kit where they can build a motorized ferris wheel for them to play with? Give them this 890-pieces Motorized Ferris Wheel Construction Set [SOURCE], a complete and easy to use plastic rotating ferris wheel that when snap together, kids can form a nice 23 inches tall Ferris Wheel complete with 8 rotating passenger cars.

This battery powered Motorized Ferris Wheel Construction Set also features 4 spur gears that can be rotated clockwise and counter-clockwise at 8rpm just enough to recreate the fun and excitement at the their favorite theme parks.

The Motorized Ferris Wheel Construction Set

The Motorized Ferris Wheel Construction Set

This motorized ferris wheel already includes an easy to follow tutorial on how to assemble the battery powered ferris wheel and is perfect specially for kids ages 9 and above. This construction kit requires 2 double-a batteries and weighs 63/4 lbs.

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Step 2 Up and Down Roller Coaster – Your Kids Perfect 10 Foot Long Roller Coaster Ride

Step 2 Up and Down Roller Coaster

Step 2 Up and Down Roller Coaster

Step 2 Up and Down Roller Coaster is a 10 foot long roller coaster ride ideal for kids who loves to have some thrilling fun ride right at their very own room.

This Up and Down Roller Coaster is designed perfectly to easily snap every tracks to come up with a nice down the hill ride plus with its sturdy and colorful coaster car that can easily hold up to 60 pounds and a nice non-slippery 2 steps that is lock securely into the track will simply make your kids happy during their play time.

Its Coaster Car is also designed to provide young kids some run ride around and use its nice ramp system for some ball rolling.

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Alex Ready Set Stilts – Now You Can Walk On Stilts Easily with this unique Stilt Trainer

Alex Ready Set Stilts

Alex Ready Set StiltsYou want to train your feet to learn how to walk on stilts? Now you can learn how to balance yourself and enjoy stilt walking with the Alex Ready Set Stilts, a fully adjustable stilts packed with soft grip handles and replaceable caps so kids from ages 5 and above can easily learn to balance using its big foot trainers and after mastering the basic training, the user can remove the skid caps so they can start stilt walking.

Alex Ready Set Stilts is very easy to assemble and allows kids up to 110lbs. to try and learn to balance without any problem. So what are you waiting for, grab one now and start training yourself now with this uniquely designed stilt balancing stick.

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Playhut Thomas Tank Play Vehicle – Your Kids Indoor and Outdoor Play Hut

Playhut Thomas Tank Play Vehicle

Playhut Thomas Tank Play VehiclePlayhut Thomas Tank Play Vehicle is very easy to install at the same time it is capable of providing full hours of fun time complete with sunroof and door swinging feature.

Great for indoor playing or some outdoor fun time, the Playhut Thomas Tank Play Vehicle gives your kids some active playtime and play some role playing game like train conductors and drivers, it even comes with a carrying case so you can bring it anywhere with you on your next camping.

Playhut Thomas Tank Play Vehicle has a nice combination of colors and attracting graphics to make your kids fun time more appealing. Thomas Play Vehicle has a construction measurement of 38x52x26 inches with smoke stack measurement of only 5×6.5 inches. Try one now!

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Price: $30.98
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Nursery Trampoline – Your Kids Indoor and Outdoor Fun Tranpoline

Nursery Trampoline

Nursery Trampoline

You want to encourage your kids to exercise to keep them fit all day? Check this Nursery Trampoline ideal for both indoor and outdoor fun use wherein your children would love to have some exercise jumping. Nursery Trampoline features a sturdy weather proof mat, a tubular steel frame and a padded cover to stop the children from stepping the bungee cord. This Trampoline is ideal for kids ages 2 and above and comes with full instruction guides and an easy to store function.

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6ft Pool and Snooker Table – A Classic Style Pool Perfect For The Entire Family

6ft-pool-and-snooker-table6ft Pool and Snooker Table is perfect for the entire family who wants to have their own classic style pool table. It comes with different pool sets like snooker balls, cues, chalks, scoreboards, triangles and table brush so you can play right away right into the comfort of your own game room.

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Playmobil Mega Farm Set – Your Kids Complete Farm Play Set


Playmobil Mega Farm Set comes complete with all the necessary tools and accessories to give your kids a perfect mega farm set ideal for giving children some hours of relaxing fun farm playing. Playmobil Mega Farm Set also comes with a fully furnished farm houses and storage places and with its included tractors, trailers and colorful assorted farm animal designs, kids from 4 years and above will surely have some farm fun.

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Tower Of Doom 2 – Encourages Kids To Enjoy And Make Friends


Tower of Doom 2 helps and encourages kids to enjoy and make friends while battling through dangers and frightening monsters and of course helping captured knights held by bad guys in the tower. Tower of Doom 2 comes with a working drawbridge, trapping doors and dark dungeons for capturing horrible monsters.

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The Four Square Table Tennis Game – The Colorful And Uniquely Designed Tennis Table


The Four Square Table Tennis Game is a uniquely designed table tennis that allows 2 or more players to have a serve and hit game based on the well-liked four square game. The Four Square Table Tennis Game features a colored sturdy surface with steel frame as its base plus it also comes with 4 paddles, 6 balls, a cloth bag, rules for playing the game and best of all it also comes with an easy to fold function for storing and moving.

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5 Piece Junior Drum Set – Your Kids Professional Looking Drumming Instrument

Bring out your kids talent in playing drums with this 5 Piece Junior Drum Set capable of delivering huge sounds because it includes all the features of a pro drum sets like tom-toms, bass and snare drums which can be easily adjusted using its sturdy chrome plated steel hardware.


5 Piece Junior Drum Set

This Junior Drum Set is the ideal instrument for a wannabe rock star and it’s just the first step to guide them on a musical course.

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The Four in One Rotating Game Table – The Perfect Table Toy For Kids And Adults Alike


The Four-In-One Rotating Game Table allows you to play up to 4 different well-liked games like billiard, hockey, dice football or foosball right into this wide rotatable table. Simply select the game you want to play by turning and locking the table using its turnstile know and start enjoying. The Four-In-One Rotating Game Table comes with all the needed accessories and an optional wheels for easy positioning and keeping or moving.

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The Wall Mounted Fold Out Mahogany Basketball Game – Your Full Featured Basketball Amusement Game


The Wall Mounted Fold Out Mahogany Basketball Game is a full featured basketball amusement game that includes everything you need to complete with your favorite opponent either one-on-one or in double-match basketball game. The Wall Mounted Fold Out Mahogany Basketball Game comes with an e-scoring system, an LCD screen packed with timer and sound effects like score beep indicator and crowd noise. The Wall Mounted Fold Out Mahogany Basketball Game also comes with basketballs, ball pumps and storage nets and is ideal for kids ages 8 and above.

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