Active and Agile Fitness Set – Allows kids to create their own fitness course for stepping, ducking and even crawling through activities

Looking for a perfect fitness course for your kids? Give them the Active and Agile Fitness Set, a uniquely designed fitness playground set for kids where not only it will teach them how to be creative because it will allow them to design their own fitness course and at the same time have fun while burning those fats away every time they play.

This fitness set for kids already comes with all the necessary tools for making bases, supports, connecting dowels and more to allow young explorers create a perfect step, duck and crawl through activities right at their own fitness area.

Active and Agile Fitness Set

Active and Agile Fitness Set

With the active and agile fitness set, the idea is limitless, thanks to the multi-use and good quality components already included, durability, lightweight and compact for making tunnels, mazes, hurdles and a lot more will not be a problem.

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Active and Agile Fitness Set 1

The Fitness Set for kids already includes a storage bag so kids can easily keep all the pieces after doing some active play and best of all, it is perfect for kids ages 2 years old and above.

You can buy the fitness course for only $158.99.

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